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Posted by tarannum khan on March 07, 2011

Tabloids have it that the ‘Jab We Met’ famed director Imtiaz Ali is busy jotting down the script for his forthcoming flick ‘Rockstar', which is apparently intended for honoring the 2002s blockbuster movie ‘Devdas', and stars Ranbir Kapoor as the modern ‘Devdas'.

Confirming the same, a source said, “Basically Rockstar is a rock version of Devdas.”

Ranbir’s co-star in the flick is the Czech-Pakistani bombshell Nargis Fakhri, who will be playing the role akin to Paro, the love interest of ‘Devdas'.

Sneak peak into Ranbir’s character in ‘Rockstar’
According to the grapevine, RK junior is going to be portrayed as a contemporary musician in the forthcoming flick ‘Rockstar'.

He will be getting into the skin of a character, who is bigheaded but at the same time is thoughtful.

Ranbir being a musician will make an effort to fall in love just for the sake of boosting his sentiments, so that he can compile finer compositions.

But then eventually, the actor genuinely gets love-struck by Paro, his on-screen love interest in the movie.

Talking about Ranbir’s character in the movie, a source close to the film unit said, “The hero is an arrogant but understanding soul who feels his life as an artiste is incomplete without love.

“He decides to fall in love, just to enhance his repertoire of emotions as a musician. However, the problem arises when Ranbir’s character conditions himself to fall in love as an emotion-enhancing device and ends up actually in love, never to get back on his feet again.”

Modern ‘Devdas’ Ranbir to die in ‘Rockstar’?
Celebrated filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, who is very good at sensing the pulse of movie goers, is presently in a fix over whether to let Ranbir die like the other ‘Devdas’ heroes or to give a twist to his contemporary ‘Devdas’ by keeping the actor alive.

It’s learnt that at the outset, the script of ‘Rockstar’ included the death of Ranbir. The actor was required to die on-screen, while performing on the pedestal.

But now, filmmaker Imtiaz is quite baffled about the death episode, as he is doubtful about the reactions he will be getting from Ranbir’s fans and the impact all this will have on the success of the movie.

So for the time being, Ranbir’s lifespan is in Imtiaz’s hands!

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