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Posted by Jasmine on September 17, 2010

The young starlet believes that Basu only wants to cast her in roles, which are in some way mentally disturbed.

Reportedly, things went from bad to worse when Basu even after ‘Kites’ debacle (where her role was chopped off) approached Kangana with his next venture ‘Silence,’ where she’s required to play a mentally challenged girl.

This angered Kangana, who have started to believe that Basu is only interested in type-casting her in roles of mentally disturbed characters.

“Ranaut felt truly short-changed professionally when she realized that once again Basu wanted her to play a role which was similar to what she had done for him in Life in a Metro and Kites,” revealed a source.

There was no limit to her anger after finding out that he has offered a same person role in the same film to Priyanka Chopra.

When she asked him to give her PC’s role, Basu refused and she decided to end their friendship for good.

Troubled past
It’s not like trouble started with ‘Silence,’ Kangana and Basu were drifting apart when they were shooting for ‘Life In Metro'.

However, ‘Kites’ made the matters between them worse, where Kangana after seeing the final outcome started feeling cheated and blamed Basu for editing her role so much that she looked like a side-kick to Barbara Mori.

As per a source, “This time Ranaut felt cheated. Large chunks of her role were spliced out. Kangana had been promised that she would be enjoying as much screen time as Barbara Mori throughout the film. Sadly, this wasn’t the case.”

“Kangana was quite upset with the way Basu edited out her portions in the film; she had shot for much more than what was portrayed on the screen,” added source.

No comment
Kangana, who was spotted and was given break in Bollywood by Basu with ‘Gangster,’ did not entertain the request to comment on the reports.

Meanwhile, a close friend of Kangana revealed, “There is much more to Ranaut than playing only demented females.”


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